Marchenko Danevych declares dedication to transparent, ethical and compliant practices

December 08, 2017

Marchenko Danevych issues Declarations on transparent, ethical and compliant practices in honor of International Anticorruption DayWe promote integrity, the rule of law and professional ethics as priorities for lawyer in daily practice.

Considering relatively slow pace of reforms and current challenges in Ukraine, Marchenko Danevych believes it is of high importance for the legal community to stand up publicly for integrity, against corruption and to act as a role model for other Ukrainian businesses.

Marchenko Danevych declares and encourages all the colleagues on Ukrainian legal market to have no engagement in corrupt practices, demonstrate full transparency and compliance.

Read full text of the Declarations below:


Of Marchenko Danevych law firm concerning transparent, ethical and compliant practices and approaches

Realizing the leading role and great responsibility of lawyers, law firms and legal community in general in counteracting and preventing corruption in Ukraine, establishing the rule of law,

Striving to establish a civilized and sustainable legal services market in Ukraine,


1. We are not engaged in any corruption practices. Our practices and approaches are transparent, ethical and compliant.

2. We declare all income and pay all taxes in Ukraine.

3. We are not engaged in unfair practices of procuring or placing assignments, including giving or receiving remuneration for procuring or placing an assignment, winning tenders or similar practices.

4. We do not pay undeclared salaries, including salary payments in cash, and do not employ private entrepreneurs or other instruments to circumvent payroll taxes in Ukraine.

5. We ensure full compliance with these Declarations by our partners and employees, including implementation of proper internal compliance programs.

6. We efficiently require compliance by our partners and contractors.

7. We promote and advance these Declarations among Ukrainian legal community.

8. We are encouraging reporting of any breach or noncompliance with these Declarations and agree to public disclosure of any such breach or noncompliance.

These Declarations are public and shall be published.

We encourage lawyers and law firms in Ukraine to adhere to these Declarations by signing and publishing them provided that their practices and approaches are in compliance with these Declarations.

December 8, 2017

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